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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by engeliii23, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Hi All,
    i recently migrated my server to a new instance (db Table export/import except for clients, cause i was not quite sure, if and how this is going to work, so i created them manually and reimported the other tables, like domains, etc.) - Used the resync function to recreate everything, and overtook all the data. A bit manual adjustement, until everything was set and worked as before.
    As far as i can see, it worked perfectly, but today i realized, clients are able to see domains (or lets say 'entries', cause it happens to everything) of ispconfig.
    I guess now i missed a table, which has this client can view/edit this entry data in it. Could somebody tell me, where this is stored? I really need to fix this, but was not sure, where it is located.
    Thank you in advance.
    System: Ubuntu 16.04 / ISPconfig 3.1.8p1

    EDIT 1: Ok i got it - Its not a table which is missing, these sysuser_id / sysgroup_id are pointing to the wrong sys_user.userid now..
    I guess, to fix this, i need to change the userId or every entry manually to the now correct userid, because changing the userid could affect currently correct set values (new ones).

    EDIT 2: Due to the changed userid, it is not possible, to map them back safely. But i created them in the correct order, just the system users are destroying the id order. If i update the sysuser_id according to the sysgroup_id, it is safe, because they all are the same as on the old system. I will update once i tried this.

    EDIT 3: Update worked perfectly. Just one question, wouldnt it be much safer for any changes to the db, to have createdAt & lastUpdatedAt fields for every entry? Exactly for this case could a rollback be possible, if the groups would not match the old ones.
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    The reason for your issue is that you missed to copy over the web* users and client* groups from passwd, shadow and group file to the new server. Copying just the ispconfig db and doing a resync is not enough to migrate a server. Or you use the migration tool which does everything in the correct way.

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