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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by cajdavidson, Oct 29, 2019.

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    We are replacing a server in our group of 4 servers, we have server1, 2, 3 & 4. We are just looking to replace server4, it only runs web/database services. I have used the isp_copy tool to transfer everything over to the new server, what is the best way to now integrate this with the master server (server2) given that this is a replacement of server4. We won't be changing the IP address so it will be a new IP address, I thought it may be best to have this server configured as server5 until server4 is decommissioned completely as we don't want downtime on the live sites on server4.

    Is it safe to run the ISPConfig installer again on the new server that has had isp_copy run on to it in order to add that to the existing master server?

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    Yes, that's the recommended way to do it. Choose to reconfigure permissions in master database so that the ispcsrv* user for this server gets changed to the new IP. And take care to disable the ispconfig cronjobs in the root crontab of the old server first and to change the hosts files on master and the new server to contain the new correct data.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'd like to clarify a few things first if possible. I've ran an initial install on the new server of ISPConfig, and then run isp_copy, at this point I don't think the new server is in anyway hooked up to the live master server (I don't see any database references to it).

    So following your previous reply, I can't run the installer again, it prompts me to run the update.php script instead (which does show the live servers hostname as the default MySQL server), which I can't run through because there isn't a database user on the live master for this server. Would an uninstall and reinstall be best here?

    Ideally, I need to be able to add this server to the cluster without losing the old server from the cluster and then having the ability to switch DNS for the sites over at a time of my choosing, whilst being able to view/manage both servers from the existing master. Can you confirm the best way to do this?
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    You have to run update.php. There must be a user for this server in the master database when this server replaces an existing server, it's the user of the server that gets replaced.

    You can only have one server with a given ID in a multiserver setup. Now you have two servers with the same ID, the old one and the new one. You have to replace the old one with the new one if you want to be able to use it and that#s done by running the ispconfig update on the new system and let it reconfigure permissions in master database. The old one will still work after being disconnected from master, but you will not be able to alter any settings on it trough ISPConfig.

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