Renewed expired certificate but still says security problem when view the website

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Sheshman, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Sheshman

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    I'm using 90 days free certificates from zerossl, one of my domains's certificate expired couple days ago, i've created a new certificate and uploaded to system, ca_bundle.crt->SSL Bundle -- certificate.crt->SSL Certificate -- private.key->SSL Key, SSL Request field is empty,
    Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS is checked. Waited arround 10-15 minutes after saving the changes, cleared history and cache on both chrome and firefox, but when i call the website chrome and firefox says certificate expired on both and .

    What am i doing wrong?

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  2. Taleman

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    The website is not using the new certificate. You can check the certificate in browser, it shows certificate expired saturday 5th September.
    Examine the files the sertificate is stored in, what are time stamps for example?
    Make sure you copied and pasted the new certificate info in ISPConfig.
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  3. Sheshman

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    double checked the new certificate and it's valid until 07.12.2020, re-copied and saved the keys to ispconfig but result is the same.
    please check the attached certificate screenshot

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  4. Sheshman

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    the strange thing is, unchecked the Rewrite HTTP to HTTPS, unchecked SSL on site options, deleted all SSL information on SSL tab and saved, waited 15 minutes, cleared history and cache on chrome & firefox, after this operation web site should work without SSL certificate through, but when i call server re-route to and unsecure connection message appears. Somehow i couldn't be able to cancel SSL certificate for this domain.
  5. Th0m

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    Did you set SSL action to "Save certificate"?

    Also, why don't you use Let's Encrypt? It's free aswell, but will renew automatically.
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  6. Sheshman

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    No, i haven't set SSL action to "Save Certificate" because i am the most biggest moron you can ever meet :)

    I don't use Let's Encrypt because whenever i install Let's Encrypt my setup crashing, i've tried maybe 10 times on virtual machine, it doesn't return any error during installation but when i enable SSL option on the dashboard for domain, that domain become unreachable and after 10 minutes server starting to unreachable and crashing.

    I know i'm a rookie and i know most probably i'm doing something wrong to cause this problem, but i'll try again when i got time.

    Thank you for "Save Certificate" tip, that was the thing i was missing, now it's working without any problem, i felt angry (to myself) to miss this kind of easy step, sorry again my bad.
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  7. Th0m

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    No problem, we learn every day :)

    For LE, you can enable debug logging and see if you can find anything. You have to turn on both SSL and LE for LE, but first delete the current certificate (SSL tab -> Certificate action "Delete certificate").

    If it doesn't work, don't hestitate to create a forum post.
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