remove slave server from master?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by burlyhousetech, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. burlyhousetech

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    My existing config is a master server + slave. The slave node has been offline for several weeks due to failed hardware, which occurred shortly after installation. I have now prepared a new server to act as slave, which uses the same host name and IP address as the earlier.

    I don't want to confuse the master server and so was thinking I should first remove references to the old slave before installing the new. How can I do this safely?

    Is it okay to simply delete the relevant entry in the 'server' table? Are there any other actions I should perform to clean things up before pairing the new slave node?
  2. burlyhousetech

    burlyhousetech Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Just noticed several other tables use 'server_id' column to relate with rows of 'server' table. Presuming I would also need to delete any rows which match the ID of the old slave node.

    Thank you for your confirmation on whether or not this plan will work. I don't want to chance mucking up the master server as it is in production for many hosted clients.

  3. burlyhousetech

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    Can anyone offer insight? I feel pretty confident in the approach, but would be grateful for confirmation from someone who knows first-hand of any potential "gotchas".

    The only remaining part beyond what I posted before would be to remove the related MySQL privs in mysql.user, mysql.tables_priv and mysql.columns_priv.

  4. webguyz

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    Have you tried going into the Master and just deleting the secondary server from the list in the System menu?
  5. burlyhousetech

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    Haven't tried anything yet - The docs are light on disassociating a node server, so was hoping for a confirmed "best approach" before continuing.
  6. till

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    1) Delete all websites, mail domains and dns zones that belong to the server which shall be removed. Wait until the jobqueue has cleared. This will remove the items inside ispconfig and on the slave server. This has to be done on traditional server setups, not mirroring setups!

    2) Login to the slave server and remove the cronjob from root crontab.

    4) Delete the record of this server in the "server" database table of the ispconfig DB on the master.
  7. burlyhousetech

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    Following up to share that the method described worked fine. Thank you!

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