Remove erroneus engine directive on sql scripts

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Doc on the rocks, Jul 15, 2019.

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    I posted the same request in Feature Requests, but now this is becoming a true installer/update error.
    Quickly explained (for more info see
    On ISPConfig Installer every "create table" instruction comes with the engine=myisam directive.
    This is wrong, novadays all database servers set a default storage engine that is not myisam. PerconaDB sets XtraDB, Galera Cluster sets InnoDB as first mandatory choice, MySQL and MariaDB deprecate myisam and will drop them shortly, MariaDB recomments Aria storage engine and for some other servers, like MS Sql, myisam does not even exists.
    This makes ISPConfig limited for some kind of db servers, on most of them the installer just does not work, unless do a massive rewrite on all .sql scripts before installing/updating.
    Solution: let the db use the default engine and remove the engine=myisam from every create table instruction (even better would be to let the user choose from a list of supported storage engine).
    There is another error on updater: some storage engines does not support "repair", like innodb, and that raises a bunch of errors.
    Would be great to see ISPConfig becoming more universal.
    Thank you all for this great piece of software.
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  3. Doc on the rocks

    Doc on the rocks New Member

    Hi Till,
    Wasn't my intention to offend you, just technical considerations. As i said i posted first as a feature request, but "now" this is "becoming" an error. And i'm absolutely agree, myisam served well for years. That said, it's a good new that this will be fixed (or implemented, depends on point of view). I read your request, and i can add some more details: ispconfig works perfectly on other default engines, not only InnoDB (tried Aria for MariaDB and XtraDB for Percona; it also works well on InnoDB with MariaDB Galera Cluster in master-master mode). There is also another fix that should be implemented, regarding the updater: InnoDB does not support repair; when updating InnoDB this raises a lot of (harmless) errors. You surely know better then me howto.
    And again, that's a truly great piece of software. Really.

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