Remoting on 2.3.1-dev: Is there a command to empty Recycle Bin?

Discussion in 'General' started by bpmee, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. bpmee

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    Hi All,

    I'm using ISPconfig 2.3.1-dev on Fedora Core 5 on a test server.

    I've been experimenting with Remoting, using the various functions to add websites and DNS records.

    I wrote a PERL script that uses SOAP::Lite to automatically add websites and DNS records.

    After that I wanted to delete websites and DNS records with Remoting, so I wrote another PERL script to remove DNS and Website records.

    I was able to delete *most* all of the website/user records successfully. Also, I was able to delete *most* all of the DNS records.

    Upon inspecting each of my reseller's Recycle Bins after my script finished, I noticed there were some "left over" records that didn't delete even though my script sent the delete command.

    A few users were left in the ISPmanagement panel, and in the DNS panel, many DNS "A" and "MX" records were left, but all had incomplete names: for example, all that was listed in the the recycle bin was: "mx" and "a" with no text indicating which website they belonged to.

    I was able to clean up all these remaining records by manually emptying the recycle bin by clicking each reseller's recycle bin and then clicking "delete".

    Is it possible to send a "empty recycle bin" command with Remoting, so that I don't have to do it manually after deleting webs and DNS records?:confused:

    This might be more efficient than actually telling a script to delete each record one by one...

    Thanks for any ideas!:)
  2. till

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    A command to empty the recycle bin is not implemented yet. But your recycle bin may contain then thousands of records and it will not hurt your system as they are not included in the configuration anymore.

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