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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by holykim, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Recently I upgraded ISPConfig 3.0.4 from 3.0.3 and then found some changes on the remote API.

    Some parameters that need to be generated by ISPConfig such as 'sys_userid', 'sys_groupid', 'system_user', 'system_group' and 'client_group_id' are removed from the parameter list. Thank you for your great job.

    I found a wrong db field type written on the API-docs and Samples for the function 'sites_web_domain_add' and related functions.

    php (enum('n','y')) --> This is wrong.

    The current field type is varchar(32) and the value for this parameter should be 'mod', 'fast-cgi', 'suphp', or etc..

    The remote API needs a new function for the secondary DNS. Hope this can be done in the next release.

    Many Thanks
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    I will check if the listed values for the php type field are wrong.

    Thats already listed in the bugtracker:

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