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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by msgilligan, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. msgilligan

    msgilligan ISPConfig Developer

    I'm trying to use the Remoting Framework to migrate data from a proprietary Control Panel into ISPConfig 2.2.16

    I'm having some problems which I'll provide more info on later.

    For now, I have two questions and a patch:
    1) Why has nusoap been renamed/consolidated in ispconfig_soap.obj.php?
    2) Are there any reasons why nusoap can't be upgraded?
    3) I found a problem with error handling on line 2000 of ispconfig_soap.obj.php. In some cases $method_response is a soap_fault and causes an error when PHP tries to convert it to a string in $this->debug(). I will attach a patch which fixes this problem, which makes it harder to get the real error info. I'm guessing this is a NuSoap bug that is fixed in later versions, but haven't looked.

    I can put the patch in the bugtracker if that's a better place to put it.
  2. msgilligan

    msgilligan ISPConfig Developer

    Patch for ispconfig_soap.obj.php

    Fixes abort on soap_fault on line 2000.
    (This perhaps could be fixed in a later version of NuSoap, but I haven't checked)

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  3. till

    till Super Moderator

    1) To fit the ISPConfig naming conventions. With the original name, the file caould not be lodaed with the ISPconfig class loader.
    2) No.
    3) Thanks for the fix. Do you have SVN access and may upload it directly to SVN?
  4. msgilligan

    msgilligan ISPConfig Developer

    SVN Commit of NuSoap Patch

    I have read-only SVN access. If I had write access I would check it in. (It's sitting in my SVN sandbox right now.)

    I'm also tempted to try to upgrade to the latest NuSOAP. I assume the way you combined the files into a single file was fairly straightforward and that there were no other changes, right?

    I'm not sure what the risks are to ISPConfig Remoting from this upgrade. How widely used and/or tested is it?

    The current version of NuSOAP is 0.7.2. Looking at the changelog, it looks like there are a lot of improvements and bug fixes since 0.6.3
  5. msgilligan

    msgilligan ISPConfig Developer

    Patch checked in

    The patched is checked in to the ISPConfig-2.3.2-dev branch as of SVN revision 828.
  6. msgilligan

    msgilligan ISPConfig Developer

    Upgrade to NuSOAP 0.7.2?

    If I take the latest version of NuSOAP and put it into a single PHP file so it works with the "classloader", and test it with my limited remoting code on Fedora Core 6, what kind of testing is needed before it could be checked into the 2.3.2-dev branch?

    Are there any other issues?
  7. till

    till Super Moderator

    I think if it works with one of the remoting functions, all functions shall work as they all use the same nusopa functions.

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