Remoting client sites_web_domain_add system_group is always "client0"

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by jamesportman, May 25, 2011.

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    been having a problem with adding websites via remoting client using the current ispconfig - version

    The websites always are assigned client_id of 0, which messes up the directories and then future ftp users for the website,

    I corrected this for now with an sql query for the groupid for client from the table sys_group;
    "select groupid from sys_group where client_id = '$clientid';"
    $groupid = $qry[groupid];

    Then filling in some variables in the params for the sites_web_domain_add call;
    'system_group' =>"$groupid",
    'client_group_id' => "$groupid",

    Hope it helps somebody out,
    there was some other info here to:
  2. New Member

    This was fantastic,

    exactly solved the issue I was having with this script.

    Thanks jamesportman. :)

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