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    I'm setting up a develop/test webserver. I'm building it to have a webserver to test things/to learn about php and sql.
    The system I'm setting up is Ubuntu Server12.04.4/Apache2/PHP5/MySQL/PhpMyAdmin which I control from my windows rig/desktop. I use SSH to control the servers, but don't want to FTP to upload html/php files.

    With webdav it's possible to "map" a folder on the webserver, right?? And then edit it directly in e.g. bluefish from my win rig/desktop, right?

    1. How do I set up webdav? I know how to install it about the apache2 module. But I'm a little lost regarding the symlink you make between /var/www and the place you "copy" the content to. You'll have to make a htaccess file as well for security!?!? How is it usually done? And If I want to make another "website"?
    2. What kind of security di I need? is UFW OK to begin with?

    Hope you can help me ;)
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    Thank you for that ;) Sometimes I do a lousy job explaining my problems ;)

    System: Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 32bit

    It's just that I'm a little lost. There's 1001 different ways to make this installation.
    What I need is a test machine/web server with Apache of course, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and a mail client.

    What do I need:

    1. I want to test dynamic websites and learn PHP, SQL and a little Perl too.
    2. I want to test some shell-scripts for my servers which has to be able to send mail/smtp.
    2. I want to be able to map/access the web-server root/webdir, and Webdav seems to be the solution.
    3. I want to be able to create 2 or 3 additional web users for my 3 projects I have for the time being.

    There's a lot of help out there, but it can be difficult to find the "right way" when given to many examples.
    "...dav password, htaccess, Apache vhost configuration etc.." and do I need virtual hosts? If I want more than 1 website on this server I do, right?
    What about the webdav directory, is it best made in /var/www or in /home with a symlink. Which way is the best way to do that?
    What about apache2.conf and php.ini? Many talks about changing these for security reasons!?

    How do you usually create a web client/web site, with htaccess? in /var/www is it just to create a directory e.g. "mydomain1" and create an access file? If I need it to be accessible from the internet is the rest done by DNS then!?

    I need someone to set me straight and point me in the right direction, not to show me the commands how to install webdav etc. I'll figure that out myself.
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