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    To make live easy I did some homework and created a script with a front-end to create a client, a Zone record with DNS records and a website option (for redirection of the domainname, if needed) with the Remote Users option provided in ISPconfig (NICE OPTION!)

    However, there are some "limitations", as far I can see the Remote Users option only create users as "admin" and not as reseller (please advice?)
    Also there is no possibility to assign rights to a reseller, only user or admin.
    For this reason i have modified several parts of ISPconfig to fit my needs, the admin is not affected, only the user part is changed (screenshots included with the download)

    I do know there is more possible and I will do more home work :) but for now i'm done.


    ps the files are based on version, I also have included the original files as a copy.

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    The remote API can create users as Admin, Client and Reseller. A Reseller is a client where the max_clients number is > 0, so there are o modifications in ispconfig nescessary to use the full software from the API.

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