remote manager and xml enabled

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    remote framework and xml enable


    I have installed ispconfig 2.2.24 on debian 4

    Before ./setup I edit compile_aps/compile and add the following at line 83:

    This should have enabled xml.

    phpinfo(): references to xml shows "enable" or "active"

    But the remote framework fails creating webs.

    in soap.lib.php the var "$response" in the "send" function is:

    I have also installed libxml12-dev, add the extension in php.ini files and restarted apache.

    I would like to check the remote framework version but I do not know how to. Aditionally I am trying to re-install the framework with last available version ( but I need first to remove it and I do not know how to.

    Any help would be wellcome

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  2. gauthier

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    Aparently I have just solved my problem.

    I download ispconfig version 2.2.25

    change line 78 of compile_aps/compile:

    changed to:
    then ./setup

    re-install remote framework (last version), create remote user.

    Error disapears. Hope this will be useful for any of you.
  3. till

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    The compile script does not has to be chenged in the current releases anymore as xml is always enabled if libxml2-dev is installed.

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