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Discussion in 'General' started by lrider, Oct 15, 2009.

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    I have the ISPConfig Version: 2.2.33 installed with the latest version of remote farmework.

    When I execute the remote framework, the calls to getError return noting.

    Therfore, it is as everything works, when it does not.

    Example, the following code completes with out error eve thought the user and the passwoed are incorrect.


    $server_url = "https://localhost:81";

    print "($soap_client)antes1 de new soapclient($server_url) <p>\n";
    // creating object for soap_client
    $soap_client = new soap_client($server_url.'/remote/index.php');

    // Username and Password of the remoting user (not identical
    // with the user to log into the web interface!)

    $parameters = array('user' => 'pepe',
    'pass' => 'ra250463');

    print "($soap_client)Conectandome a $server_url <p>\n";
    // Login into 42go Server
    $session_id = $soap_client->call('login',$parameters);

    print "($soap_client)Antes de error check <p>\n";

    // Error Check
    if($mierror = $soap_client->getError())
    print "($soap_client)Error (".$mierror.") <p>\n";
    die("Error: ".$err);
    print "($soap_client)($mierror)Conectado. <p>\n";
    // 42go Server logout
    print "($soap_client)Desconectando ..... <p>\n";
    $soap_client->call('logout',array('sid' => $session_id));

    // Error Check
    if($err = $soap_client->getError()) die("Error: ".$err);

    This is the output on the internet explorer:

    ()antes1 de new soapclient(https://localhost:81)
    (Object id #1)Conectandome a https://localhost:81

    (Object id #1)Antes de error check

    (Object id #1)()Conectado.

    (Object id #1)Desconectando .....

    I would apreciate any help since I am completely lost.

    This same code use to work with out problems.

    Thanks in advance...Larry.
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    As far as I know, there has no code related to the remoting framework been changed. But maybe falko is able to tell you more about the changes as he meintains the 2.x branch now.

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