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    Not real sure where to post this. Following the "Perfect Server Fedora 9" I finally have it up and running I have configured a 4 port router to dynamically assign the IP's to machines on the network, the start ip is so that will always be assigned to the server. My next step is I need to configure the server and the Windows computers within my network to authenticate to this machine.

    We have a registered domain name at how do I get those name servers at godaddy to point to this server at

    I had asked in a former post about configuring email, and was informed about the server requires secure authentication. I am still a little confused, mainly cause for now we are getting our email through godaddy on their webmail. Can I just use Outlook on the windows machines?

    Is it possible to set this machine up to be able to remote into it and from it remote into another server for administration?? If so How could I go about setting that up??

    Sorry for the long post, hopefully I can get this server to become a machine I will be able to find many uses for.
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    The DNS records must point to the public IP of your router, and you must then configure your router to forward all needed ports to


    Yes. If you want to use SSH, you must forward port 22 from your router to

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