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    Okay.. I'm at it again.. I swear, I don't know how ISPConfig accomplishes some of the things it does sometimes. Alright, so I'm working on some integration with another package and I'm requiring a new remote function.. How do I add a specific function the remote 'functions_list'?

    I understand from the form in remote_user.tform.php that I need $functions_list
    What I see is in lib/remote.conf.php
    I don't understand how that equates to bunch of functions inside the database per each user added.. So given that, what steps am I suppose to go through when I'm adding a new remote function to allow checkPerm to work correctly?
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  2. nveid

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    Lol.. I swear, all I have to do is ask and all of sudden I find my answer.

    Apparently each module with web/<module>/lib/remote.conf.php that variable I saw is the array of functions for each.

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