Regarding Reduce Apaches Load with lighttpd.

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  1. linuxidiot

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    What if apache and lighttpd are hosted in different servers ?

    According to your article lighttpd is binded to only localhost on port 81 and you are forward traffic by loading proxy module and refering to This configuration applies to a scenario where both apache and lighttpd are installed on the same server.

    For example

    Lets consider this scenario

    you are running apache on /24

    and lighttpd running on /24

    Would it work the same way if both the servers are configured in different hosts and thier ip is replaced in the appropriate place. I know that there is an additional step in between them but for large deployments would it be productive.

    for eg hosts like you tube serves static content using lighttpd and i assume that they should be using different servers.

    All coments and suggestions are welcome.
  2. topdog

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    mod_proxy can request traffic from any where even of the internet so with servers running on different hosts that should not be a problem.

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