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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by davine, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. davine

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    I know these questions have been asked before but mine seems different. I have 5 different sites on my server running ispconfig on debian 10 set up with the perfect server setup. I have a few wordpress sites active. I can access the sites, however, when trying to go to any other page than the front page, like or anything like that, I get randomly redirected to a different wordpress site. I have no redirects active and I have set up all my sites pointing to the ipadress and not towards *
    I also some times land on a page and it tells me the certificate is wrong and it seems to be signed to another site on the server and then magically redirects me to that site. I have all my certificates signed with with letsencrypt. Don't know if it makes any difference but I set up all sites with certificates for * (my point is to be able to add or whatever I need later without needing to change the certificates, maybe that's wrong?)

    Anyway, I have not fidgeted with any vhost files manually, I just installed everything and set up the sites through ispconfig. Everything was working great when I only had one site but as soon as I started adding more sites, these issues seem to randomly occur. I don't get redirected to the same "main" site every time, it varies and it's mostly after going further than the front page as explained above, but it also has happened a few times that I've been redirected from the front page. I feel like I'm loosing my mind and I would be very glad if someone could point me in the right way.
  2. Taleman

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    Have you in Wordpress set up site URL correctly? There was also another similar setting, I forget now name but it is in the same place.
    Although I'm sure your problem is indeed unique and never before seen, I would still be nice if you read the other threads on this forum about wrong website shown just in case.
  3. davine

    davine New Member

    Thanks for the response. I actually have read through a plethora of the threads both here and on other forums but no solution if've found seem to apply to my setup. I'm sure my problem isn't unique but I really have tried finding a solution almost full time the last 4 days and I'm getting a bit desperate. Regarding the URL, one site specifically was working fine and without doing any changes to that specific site, url, htaccess, vhost or anything, it suddenly stopped working and started redirecting to a different site so I'm assumuing there's some server config that I have gotten ahold of some how but I can't find it and I can't back track to any changes that "should" have led to this behavior. The pages them selves are unchanged, but the behaviour started anyway with several sites, but not every one, there are infact three sites working fine but I can't see any difference in the setup from the other two that aren't working.
  4. till

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    Wrong redirects have normally one of these two causes:

    1) Don't mix * and IP address in the Ipv4 field of the websites. Check all sites.
    2) When using SSL, then all sites that point to the same IP address must have SSL enabled.

    Makes no sense as * is not supported for Let's encrypt in ISPConfig as Let's Encrypt does not support wildcard certs for domain-based authorization. When you select wildcard, then a normal cert without wildcard is generated.
  5. davine

    davine New Member

    Thanks for the response. The two common causes you mentioned are both checked several times and are correct on my server so it must be something else. The wildcard thing with let's encrypt I wasn't aware of, since I can choose it in ispconfig, I was sure it was supported. But in any case this just means that the wildcard has been ignored so it shouldn't be a problem I assume?

    I'm having an expert check my server now and I'll post back here if he finds something of use.

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