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    I have seen it in other domain management panels (GPLHOST DTC) where, upon creating a subdomain, a folder is automatically created under the "/var/www" folder structure, an "A" record is created in the DNS and the browser shows "" when browsing to it (NOT

    1. I can create the DNS "A" records for the subdomains manually, that's not a problem.
    2. I can create the subdomain folder in the "/var/www" folder structure with the appropriate permissions, not a problem.

    How can I get ISPConfig to show "" when I browse to "" ?

    I have squirrelmail installed in "/var/www/webmail" and for me to access the squirrelmail page I have to browse to "" I have created a subdomain "webmail" and have redirection type "L" to "" hence the browser shows "" when I browse to ""

    Thanks for the help! I could use some links from you guys... thanks again.
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    No need to create any folders manually in ispconfig. If you want to have a new folder for a subdomain, just create a new website and enter in the domain field.
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    How do I make squirrelmail install under subdomain "webmail" making the page "" ??
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