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Discussion in 'General' started by edge, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Sorry guys. I've not been active for a very, very, very long time here.
    Why? The servers were running perfect, and I was really busy with other projects <3

    Anyway. As I've not been using ISPconfig and not needed to make big changes to my servers for some time and I kind of lost the feeling with it. (All needed was apt-get update and apt-get upgrade :) )

    Unfortunately my datacenter is "forcing" me to move my servers to another rack, I decided to install new servers with Debian and ISPconfig on it.
    All is looks like it's going well except the small part where I have clients who ONLY use their domain for emailing.
    The problem is that when accessing the clients domain by email, they show the "last" added domain's website ;?

    I've done this many times before, but can not seem to get the domains in question (again they do not have a website) to go to the main webpage of the server (ie: a webpage saying "nothing here!")

    I'm sure that its something in the vhost of apache2, but what?

    Thank you for any help on this!
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    How are you
    If this problem is not in e-mail at all, then there is this feature:
    if you have web domain in DNS with IP of your web server, and there is no website for that domain, the web server shows the website that is first in alphabetic order. ​
    So create a website and put index.html there that explains there is no website available or some such text that hopefully helps the user that ends up there.
    But if it really is the last added website, and not the first in alphabetic order, then it is something else.
    Also check all websites have "*" for IP Address. If you mix * and ip-numbers then a mess ensues.
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  3. edge

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    That did the trick. Thank you.

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