RedHat Shrike, it's dumb terms and dumb windoze

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Toucan, Mar 31, 2011.

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    I'm doing some unrelated work for a client and they've breached the issue of how to migrate some old terminals.

    The setup is a server running RedHat Shrike. An ethernet cable then goes to an IO box which then splits off to 3 other dumb wyse terminals.

    Now, my client no longer wants to pay through the nose to keep buying second hand terminals as the older ones retire. Now, ideally he wants to be able to buy some windows boxes and run the terminal software through them until we write a new database for him.

    I've tried ssh'ing into the server from itself which works which means it's got ssh server running right?

    The terminal server runs on a slightly different ip range to the existing windows network, but rather than fiddling with the server i could adjust the windows net to the right range, 192.168.1.etc.

    So my thoughts are, maybe i could give the terminal server a second net card and connect it into the windows network and then use something like putty to shell into it?

    Is this a viable answer?
    Has anyone dealt with this scenario before?

    Many thanks


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