Recursive calls

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  1. dallnsn

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    I am trying to display information from my current directory into a 5 column format, but I am stuck on where to start. If anyone could offer some assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Someone has mentioned a recursive call to the shell script may make the task a little easier.

  2. topdog

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    What do u actually want to achieve as you are not clear on what you want.
  3. dallnsn

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    Recursive calls.

    Hi topdog,

    Yes, it must be frustrating trying to work out what people are saying in their posts, just like it is for me a very novice linux user that has to design scripts in an obviously abstract programming language for such a novice like myself.

    this script is supposed to display the present working directory and lists it contents in 5-column format on the screen, the program has to accept the starting directory as a positional parameter and descend through the directories and subdirectories and list their contents in the above said "5 column format."

    This is what I have tried, but has not worked.

    # FILE: PartC

    chmod 770 PartC
    set -x

    local BASEDIR=$1 # Set the local base directory
    local LOCALDIR=`dallnsn` # Where are we?
    cd $BASEDIR # Go to this directory (down)
    local filelist=`ls -r` # Get the files in this directory
    for file in $filelist
    if [ -d $file ] # If we are a directory, recurs
    # we are a directory
    wcfiles "$BASEDIR/$file"
    fc=`wc -w < $file` # do word count and echo info
    echo "$BASEDIR/$file $fc words"
    cd $LOCALDIR # Go back up to the calling directory

    if [ $1 ] # Default to . if no parms
    wcfile $1
    wcfile "."

    Well that's about it, I can't say anymore than that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Why don't you use find to traverse the directory instead of doing recursive calls.

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