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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dolmax, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    One of my customers had an awfull RAID 5 (six drive configuration) - dual hard drive failure. They have hired a local data recovery pro and had some of their data recovered from the disks and luckily the user mail folders are intact.

    They were using ISPconfig 2 and I have installed ISPconfig 3 on their secondary server. What I did was, basically copied each user's mail files inside the Maildir/cur folders to var/vmail/[domainname]/[username]/cur

    There's no problem with viewing the messages and their attachments. The only problem is, all of the messages are marked as "unread". So if the user was using Outlook/Thunderbird and was keeping a copy of the messages on the server, all of the messages that are already on their mail application, will be re-downloaded. There'll be a copy of each message and in "unread" condition. I have tried to open up the messages in the roundcube application. Even though I select a message and tag it as "read", still Outlook considers that message as "unread".

    I have tried googeling with different keywords, but could not find how a file is tagged with read/unread flags. Any suggestions?

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