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    We have about 90-100 websites running on Debian 8 with ISPConfig 3. Today I got worried that so many websites running under Fast-CGI would consume too much memory. But to my surprise only about 10 or 12 websites seems to have PHP handlers running (revealed using `ps aux` at a terminal).

    Question 1) Is ISPConfig terminating PHP processes when not used for a certain amount of time to save memory? Or is there some other intelligent management to save resources ?

    I started looking into this when I stumbled upon an article suggesting the use of SuPHP for low traffic websites - but SuPHP is no longer available with Debian - it's obsolete (but still available as an option in ISPConfig which I find confusing).
    I therefore started experimenting with the traditional CGI option together with SuEXEC - it seems (please correct me if I'm wrong) that requests are made with the permissions of the website user (e.g. webXX:clientYY) which is very important - we can't have websites sharing access to various files.

    Question 2) Will SuEXEC work with all PHP handlers (CGI, Fast-CGI, Mod-PHP, SuPHP, PHP-FPM, HHVM)? And why would I enable SuEXEC for Fast-CGI? I thought Fast-CGI always ran as the website user (?).

    Question 3) Could you please recommend the best PHP configuration for low traffic websites? About 80 of the websites are low traffic while only 10 of the websites are high traffic. And please note that security is very important - all websites must be completely separated from each other without sharing access to files.

    - Thanks

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    ISPConfig manual 3.1 on pages 128 has recommendations for high and low traffic websites.
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    Oh, great - I just needed the updated manual then. Thanks a lot :)
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    Suexec works with all cgi, fcgi, fpm and hhvm and you need suexec to run scripts as web user in all these modes.
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