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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am new o IspCpnfig and I am planning to settup a web server with IspConfif in orde to host hundrer web domain, e-mail.

    I really apprediate how ti is documented but I am worried about partionning my server in order to prepare a fast restuare in case of crash or atack, keepig in mind that the back strategy is very important.

    I'd like to have the your recommandation about partitionning and size.

    I do not know if it is important to have one disk in RAID1 with the OS and a second for the data (web file , db and mail.

    My firt mind was
    1Disk of 60G wiht
    /tmp (10G)

    Second disk of 5T with

    As I observed and correcte me if I a wrong
    1) the Web file of IspConfig is located in
    /var/www/ispconfig ->/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/ (symlink)
    2) My domain web site are
    /var/www/ -> /var/clients/client2/web2/ (symllink)

    Then what do you sugesst about size for /usr and /var?

    My last questions are about disk partitionning?
    1. Is it absolutely necessary to have two disk?
    2. What do you sugest about the partition and size?
    3. What do you recomman about Disk size for abut hundred web domain, including mail space for the 3 next year? 5T sound to be excessif?

    My client do not have big web site, no forum, no e-commerce (for now).
    It's more web site to show smal company, shop.

    What about backup.
    I first would like to backup website, db and mail.
    What partition or folder should I backup? /www? /var/lib/? /var/clients? /usr/local/ispconfig?

    What should I backup to be able to do a fast restore of my IspConfig web server? /etc/?

    what about memory?
    I thougt between 2G? Or should I have more?

    I thank you for your reading and all recommandation to let me successefuly setup my IspConfig web server

    have a nive day
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    The mailboxes, websites and databases are all in /var. So what you need is a large /var partition. I wont create a extra /usr partition as /usr is not used for nay runtime or website data, /usr is just for the installed Linux applications.


    There are several backup scripts available in the tipps & tricks forum.


    2GB is fine for a small server. If you want to host hundreds of websites, better use 4 or 8GB RAM as more ram is the cheapest way to speed up a webserver.
  3. pierrot10

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    Master and Slave

    Thank for your answer.
    I have a couple new question regarding the installation:

    If I first install one server and leter, may be one year later I install a slave server with the goal to have a master/slave infrastructure, is possible and easy to do?
    We agree with the fact the the slave will work if the master crash?
    Both server msut have the same configuration (RAM/CPU/Disk space)?

    I am thinking to start my first install with one server and at home. My goal is to have one domain and some client/friend domaine (domaine+db+mail). I think 5-10 in total.
    But at home I can have a bandwith of 20000kbits.
    Is 20Mbit is enought?
    How many web domaine can I have with 20Mbits?

    Temp server
    Also I 'd like to try (for a couple of mounth) with my old MacBook Pro G4. I already installed Ubuntu and IspConfig. But that mac has only 2G of Ram (may 1G, I do not remember) and CPU of 1.65kHz?
    It is not very good, but it is just for testing .

    Thank for your anwsers.


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