Receive/send mails the "ispconfig 2 way"

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by insel, May 25, 2010.

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    ISPConfig 2 used something like "web1_<username>" to access mail by imap and/or for smtp auth. Is it possible, that an ISPConfig 3 server will also (additionally) use this loginname for authentication to receive and send mail?

    Use case: Transfer customers from an ispconfig2 to an ispconfig3 server without users haveing to change their login informations within their mail setup.

    The workarround don't have to be trivial or without any handwork - it just should work ;-).

    Please let me know if a (known?) workarround could be used only for imap, not for smtp auth.

    Hints are welcome,

    Server: Debian Lenny with Courier-imap and Postfix
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  2. till

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    No. At least not without changing the way the authentication works.

    The only possible workaround is to change the ispconfig sourcecode, database and configuration files and add a new database field for the username in the database and the ispconfig interface code and then reconfigure postfix and courier / dovecot to use this feild as username instead of the email field.

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