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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by madmac007, Feb 17, 2008.

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    As a subscriber, I download the ready made VM`s, for testing and evaluation.
    It has come to the point that I would like to move one of the VM`s onto its own native box,
    eg: Centos5.1 perfect server, I want to move the VM to run on its own box as a Centos5.1 server. Not running as a VM machine.

    Any one managed to accomplish this, maybe using ghost or Acronis etc.

    Thanks again for a great site.

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  3. madmac007

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    read that already

    Hi Thanks for the reply, I read it already but dismissed it as it says ISO.
    Maybe if I read the whole thing , I would have seen they used Ghost4Linux sending to a ftp server.

    I am going to a similar test using my 2nd Hard drive inthe VMserver, using an ISO of acronis, to get the VM to boot the ISO as a CDrom, and send the clone to a real 2nd HD.


    If I get it working I will make a howto for the comunity.
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    No FTP or Image server

    Keep getting Kernel panic, when booting to real hdd
    Will try again with g4l
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