read_config_store open failure on /var/lib/snmp/snmpapp.conf

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by adrenalinic, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I have a "little" problems with my vps.
    I have updated the dotdeb version of my php, and after this, my log analyze software report permanent error:

    OSSEC HIDS Notification.
    2007 Sep 24 20:01:31

    Received From: server3->/var/log/apache2/error.log
    Rule: 1002 fired (level 7) -> "Unknown problem somewhere in the system."
    Portion of the log(s):

    read_config_store open failure on /var/lib/snmp/snmpapp.conf

    I have tryed to change permission of snmpapp.conf but when restart apache it return to rw default permission.

    I have tryed to touch file but with any response.

    Very thanks.
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  3. adrenalinic

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    oh thanks. but i have already read this post on sourceforge.

    I not understand where i have to change path of new snmpapp.conf file, for place it in /tmp directory.

    It is invoked from php conf? Is this the reason that the error is write within the apache log error?

    very thanks for support.

    Summary: (?)
    5.3.1: snmpinform tries to write to /var/net-snmp/ Private: (?)
    When I call snmp tools such as snmpinform or snmptrap to send an
    SNMPv3 inform to an snmptrapd from an unprivileged account, I always
    get the following error message:

    read_config_store open failure on /var/net-snmp/snmpapp.conf
    read_config_store open failure on /var/net-snmp/snmpapp.conf
    read_config_store open failure on /var/net-snmp/snmpapp.conf

    On one hand, I do not really understand why snmptrap or snmpinform
    need read/write access to this file anyway, not knowing which kind of
    persistent storage is required to send an SNMPv1 trap.

    On the other hand, the workaround suggestet elsewhere in the net, i.e.
    setting SNMP_PERSISTENT_FILE, does not work for me (Solaris 9, Mac OS X
    10.4.8, AIX at all. However, setting SNMP_PERSISTENT_DIR to a
    directory writable for the user (e.g. /tmp) does the trick just fine.

    It doesn't help that this seems to be undocumented in the snmpcmd man
    page, either.

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