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  1. justinj

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    I feel like an imbecile posting this because I'm sure it is a simple answer.

    When you install Centos 5.3 you can select the package groups that you want to install. For example, in the Centos 5.3 ispconfig 3 tutorial you select Server and then install the following package groups: Editors, Text-based Internet, Development Libraries, Development Tools, DNS Name Server, FTP Server, Mail Server, MySQL Database, Server Configuration Tools, Web Server, Administration Tools, Base, and System Tools

    What is the best way to install those packages and their dependencies without re-installing Centos? Is there a document or reference that shows what is included in each of those packages?


  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    yum grouplist
    shows you all installed and available groups. To install a group, run
    yum groupinstall "[I]groupname[/I]"
    man yum
  3. justinj

    justinj New Member

    RE: Grouplist

    Thanks Falko.

    I really appreciate your help and all of the great tutorials you have posted.


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