RapidSSL and ISPconfig 3, how to install certificate ?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lonerunner, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. lonerunner

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    Have anyone had a chance to install certificate on ispconfig panel and maybe install certificate from rapidssl?

    I am having hard time figure out what is what, is it something missing or what? in rapidssl panel i have 2 files, one looks like it's a key, and another looks like it's ca cert. but in ispconfig there are 4 fields, key, request, certificate, bundle. So i am confused as i tried all combinations and either https not working or it says certificate unknown. Another thing is in rapidssl it say's server type apache2 but my server is on nginx, i don't think that's much of a difference because ispconfig should manage .cert files no matter the server running on apache or nginx?

    cert.JPG isp.JPG
  2. till

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    You need at least the ssl cert and the ssl key. For most ssl authorities you need the bundle (chain) cert as well. The csr field can stay empty when you created the key and csr outside of ispconfig. Your screesbhot seems to show the cert first and then the ssl bundle, but I don't see the key file there.
  3. sjau

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    Is there any reason you don't use Let's Encrypt?
  4. Apryaldy

    Apryaldy Member


    we you able to implement this?
    would you mind to share the step
    i also facing the same currently
    want to implement GeoTrust ssl on one of the domain
  5. lonerunner

    lonerunner Member

    Yes i did implemented it at the end, and it's working with rapidssl. Now i don't remember exactly process. But there was 2 files from rapidssl. And in ispconfig control panel I see that i put informations from
    in SSL KEY field
    and i have 2 times
    strings in SSL CERTIFICATE field, so
    some string from certificate
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    again some string from certificate
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

    And in SSL bundle and SSL request it's empty. You have to select from dropdown create certificate to save your data and create certificate files and it works.

    I know this explanation is a bit sketchy but i don't know how else to explain, so sorry about that, i hope you can sort it out.

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