Random 403 Errors on Ubuntu 10.04

Discussion in 'General' started by sgmurphy19, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. sgmurphy19

    sgmurphy19 New Member

    I have a Ubuntu 10.04 install with ISPConfig3.
    I can browse a given url for awhile but eventually it will throw a 403 forbidden error. If I wait about 1 minute then refresh the page will load properly. If I restart apache, the page will reload immediately.

    Has anyone else experienced this sort of behavior before?

    I am open to any ideas.

  2. sgmurphy19

    sgmurphy19 New Member

    Ok, I think I have it figured out. I had the module mod-evasive enable. Disabling this seems to have fixed it. At least I've gone over 100 clicks without generating a 403 error.

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