RAID Problems with mainboard SATA Ports

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    I use debian "lenny" with a Software Raid 5 (mdadm). I have 2 SATA Ports on the Mainboard and 3 SATA Ports on a PCI SATA Controller (SiliconImage). I have 3 Harddisks on the SiliconImage SATA Controller in my RAID 5 and want to extend it with a Harddisk connected to a SATA Port on the mainboard. The resync of the new Disk was succesfully but after a reboot the Disk goes failed.

    I thing the driver of the mainboard SATA Controller was not present when the Raid goes online. -> how can i load the mainboard SATA driver earlier? Can i change the order of the loading drivers?

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    further information

    I have a Tranquil BBS2 NAS Box. The SATA Controller Card is an "SIL 3124 raid card" with 3 SATA Ports and 1 eSATA.
    The Mainboard (with 2 SATA Ports) is an micro ITX with Intel Chipset and Intel Atom 330 CPU.

    OS: debian "lenny"

    in "hwinfo --storage" the drivers for Sil 3124 are shown as "sata_sil" and i think the driver for the onboard SATA are "piix".

    How can i load this driver earlier than mdadm? is it posible to load this driver in a ramdisk? if so, how?


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