RAID Driver Installation

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by BlueFox, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. BlueFox

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    Hi guys,

    I hope somebody can help me as I'm new to Linux and haven't a clue how to resolve this issue.

    Basically, I need to install an application on to a dedicated server. The server is a DELL PE1950 with a PERC6/i RAID controller and 2 73Gb SAS drives. The application that I have downloaded comes pre-packaged with RHEL4. The instructions say just to insert the DVD in to the drive and press 'k'. RHEL is then installed and the software application is automatically installed after.

    The problem is that anaconda does not recognise my RAID drives. I have no floppy drive on the server so I don't know how to load the drivers. I've downloaded them from the DELL website but now I don;t know what to do with them! How do I add them to the installation DVD (like I would slipstream a windows installation)?

    I downloaded RHEL4 update 5 from the Red Hat website and this installs fine so it must already have the drivers pre-installed.

    Help! My boss is really getting on my back now as he's just forked out for a new server which is only good for attracting dust.
  2. Ben

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    Maybe you can post the driver here, so ppl may see what to do with the contained files, e.g. how to install them into an existing drive....

    But I gave up with such a crap, when I tried to install drivers für the LSI Raid controller in my Sun Fire V20...

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