RAID 10 on Debian 6

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    I got confused because I tried to set up raid 10 on 4 x 1TB HDDs during the installation of Debian but it was too difficult. I got RAID 10 but the "md" free space remained only 1 TB (not 2TB as I occured).

    On the Internet I read a lot about mdadm but it seems that it is used after the installation or with Linux Live CD. It was hard also to find proper instruction of RAID 10 on any Linux itself. I want also to know if mdadm is the same program as it's used during the Debian installation or they are separate software?

    What about /boot and swap partitions? I read that it's recomended to use RAID1 for swap because of high availability but I dont know if I can use it with 4 HDDs. I know that there are also some problems with boot partition in case of GRUB and GRUB 2 usage, is it true? Should I also set separate partition for it?

    What should I do now? Do you have good tutorial about Linux software RAID?

    Here are sites which I read:

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