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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by bomahdi19, Feb 27, 2009.

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    hello brothers .
    i have installed ipcop maybe for 2 years ago . and from that time to now , i'm always try to bind or connect ipcop server with radius server , i used multiple system for that .i used debian , ubuntu,fedora , ..
    and i used multiple gui for freeradius server dialupadmin , daloradius,phpradmin ,..
    but all my attempts was failed . because i don't know what is the problem . ican't bind or connect radius server with ipcop .
    i know that there is something trivial , but i don't know what it is ?
    i know that i'm very closed from the solution. but there is small missing ring between me and this problem.
    i visited huge pages of internet to solute this problem , but i don't find the solution.
    so please can any body help me . i want some body explain how i input setting in ipcop with advproxy and input setting in radius server so can bind them together .

    last thing , does any addons for ipcop can shapping traffic for user by username and password.
    or that impossible, only with radius server?
  2. bomahdi19

    bomahdi19 New Member

    ok , i will summarize my problem in one question.

    how can i connect advproxy in ipcop router with server radius .

    hear is the image for entering setting for server radius in advproxy
    does my setting true?

    and i use phpradmin for radius server .
    i entered setting in phpradmin as this image .

    but when i check connecting between ipcop and phpradmin i get this message .
    so i don't understand what is the problem . is any mestake in my configurations in advproxy or in phpradmin
    or is there some programs or medule i need to install it before what i doing now ?

    thank you all ,

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