RADIUS and LDAP working. How do I login locally with root?

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    I have configured RADIUS+LDAP with my OpenBSD 5.1.

    I have a local user on BSD named "radiusguy" with a local password that I don'
    t even know.

    I have a user in our LDAP also called radiusguy with a password "pass123".

    On the BSD machine, I can login as radiusguy and pass123 as my password no problem.

    We are worried about if the radius server goes DOWN. How do we setup the BSD machine to wait for radius for about 10 seconds before authenticating locally?

    I found a few docs, but a lot of those configs are done on the server side. We need something client side. If the server goes down...It can't even tell my BSD system to go local. This needs to be something on BSD in the login.conf file.

    I have tried auth-type radius,passwd but doesn't fall through to local passwords.

    Any quick tips

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