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    Hello everybody, my question is indeed pretty simple, i have virtual users each one with 250 Mb of quota (server installed falko's way) and i want to increment the quota for certain users to 512 Mb, i did it in the mysql users table (changed the quota value), and i restarted running services (mysql and postfix), but it seems that isnt taking those changes. Quota reported by squirrelmail quota_check plugin for those users is still 250 Mb, and in the last quota report with the quota notification script it shows 250 too. Any tips on that problem?

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    News on the subject

    I did some research and i have found that the problem is the file "maildirsize" inside the maildir user directory that doesnt refresh or update or whatever. I tried something else and i delete the file, because theoretically the system re-create that file in the case that dont exist. But that part doesnt works, the system doesnt create the file again so the quota system doesnt work neither.

    Which daemon has responsability over maildirsize file?

    My postfix conf was "virtual_mailbox_extended = yes" and on some forums i saw that some ppl changed it to "virtual_maildir_extended = yes" restarted postfix and solve the problem. I did it, and still doesnt work...

    So if someone has any advice... :confused:
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