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    i have a domain on an ispc2 server which quota is set to 400MB, suddenly disk quota exceeded error came up - on both mail and ftp.

    In the stats there is shown only 120 MB as used space.

    I have checked the group quota with "repquota" and it says that the group has already using 400MB, then i have checked in the domain folder and "du" says that there is already 400MB used in the folder.
    What is the reason that the stats in ispconfig are showing the wrong values?

    Any ideas?

    Update: when raising up the quota for the domain in the stats the new value is shown e.g. 500MB, but the used space still stays on 120MB
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    that sounds like the joke about the programmers, who became a project to build a 12 floor building, after they were ready with the 6th floor, they realized that the building is going to be very very unstable, then they found out that they started to build without bases, so they took a look at the docs and there was said that the first thing they must have for a building are the bases... but who really needs docs, docs are for jerks :D

    Thank you very much for all your help!!!


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