quickly trigger user quota increase to release mail?

Discussion in 'General' started by burlyhousetech, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. burlyhousetech

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    A user wrote to me with bouncing e-mail due to quota. I verified they were indeed over the set limit, both via ISPConfig 2 stats panel and 'repquota -avug' output.

    Using ISPConfig 2 control panel I increased their quota, but 'repquota' output does not reflect the increase.

    I'm guessing a timed script syncs ISPConfig with the local system -- is there some method of forcing an update now so further e-mails will not bounce for this user?

    Thank you,
    - Nathan
  2. till

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    Check if the user or the website quota was full. The user quota is the linux user quota and the website quota is the group quota. If one of these quota limits is reached, the emails will get rejected.

    Changes that you do in ispconfig will get applied in about a minute to the underlying linux system.
  3. burlyhousetech

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    Hi -

    The user's e-mail quota was over the limit (as I mentioned in my original e-mail). I raised the limit by 1GB yesterday.

    My fault -- it appears the problem was due to my increasing quota on the client (reseller) rather than the affected host.

    Now both ISPConfig and 'repquota' output agree. :)

    - Nathan

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