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    I am making this post because my needs recently went from a simple NAS box, to a full data storage/web server box and since this will be my first server build I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment with all the options as I try to learn this new "language". I've been searching for and reading through the numerous online tutorials here and elsewhere trying to get a better understanding of the terms and different configuration options available. That has of course lead to quite a few questions, so I'll give a brief overview of what I'm trying to accomplish as that may impact some of the answers.

    I use openSUSE as my primary desktop OS so using it for the server box makes sense. The how-to I mention in the subject line is very detailed but I wonder if I really need everything it describes? Basically I want to use this box for storage available to our home network like a NAS box, but also it must be able to host a business website (Photography) for my wife. One of the custom things I'll need to be able to configure is multiple temporary, private, web accessable, storage spaces (folders) where clients can view photos of their events. She would provide clients a login/password that would allow them to view only their photos and only for a limited time. I'd also like to be able to make those files downloadable (right-click>save), or not, based on her agreement with the client.

    In reading through the openSUSE how-to mentioned, as well as others, my main stumbling block is always this step:
    I get the hostname (server1) is the name I'm assigning to the PC, but what should I replace "" with? Is that the domain name my wife has purchased or something else?

    I also understand the nameservers are what our ISP has provided but does that change by us hosting our own site?

    Even though they should point to the same "place" does the fact that she's purchased two domain names (maybe others later) affect the setup?

    How does getting a static IP from our ISP affect the set up and is it really necessary to have? Would it affect the network setup if this server box stays behind our Router? Should the server be moved out from behind the Router if we get a static IP?

    I didn't see it in the tutorial but what about installing SSH so I can stash the box in our basement and control it from my desktop box?

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    Yes, you can use that domain name, but make sure that the hostname points to your server's public IP (if the server's behind a router, it's the router's public IP).



    It's no problem to run the server behind your router, but you must configure your router then to forward all necessary ports (like 80 for http, for example) to the server.

    SSH gets installed automatically. :)
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    Thanks for those excellent clarifications, it really helped.

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