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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Karnith, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Karnith

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    I have searching this forum for a few days now and I have a few questions on ISPConfig RC1.

    First I have created a VM machine on a server I use for hosting and the install went fine. I am using the Debian Etch distro with named based vhosts.


    1. I can access a site I created by either or depending on how I set up the Site domain and the dns records. I can't seem to get both, not even with cname. One or the other (depending on how I set it up) point to my servers default apache2-default folder. How would be the correct way to get both non-www and www working correctly.

    2. i have been looking at the NS tutorials and wanted to know if I need 2 ISPConfig servers to be NS or can I use my ISPConfig server as a NS1 or 2 and my godaddy NS as NS2 or 1? Would this cause any problems.

    3. How are packages installed on ISPConfig 3 as the update manager does not seem to be finished.

    4. What are the Repositories and packages areas used for under Software on the systems menu? Does repositories mean I coould have things like Joomla and other software as choices for install to the customer?


  2. till

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    1) Add a domain alias.
    2) Thats depends on your domain registry and is not ispconfig specific.
    3) There are no packages for ISPConfig 3.
    4) See 3)
  3. Karnith

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    that worked for resolving the vhost issue.

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