questions about the completely fair scheduler(cfs)

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by funny_dude, Dec 10, 2012.

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    hi guys, i'm in trouble..i looking for an explanation of the cfs for the long time and have read a lot of articles but the interesting things about it are always left out..
    1. we have one run queue which holds all the active elements but we also have 140 queue for each priority one..why do i need those?why can't i put all the tasks just in the run queue?
    2. what is the difference betweed load and weight?
    3. how do i calculate the virtual runtime?
    i found about that weight(n)=1,25 * weight(n-1). but what i do next to find out the priority?
    4. everywhere they talk about the time slices that every active process gets within a latency period but does it not depends on the virtual runtime?:?

    i would be very thankful if somebody answers even 1 of the quenstions please.

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