Questions about ISPConfig3 vs. ISPConfig2

Discussion in 'General' started by atjensen11, Mar 14, 2009.

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    I haven't used ISPConfig in a production environment yet, but I had ISPConfig2 installed in a testing environment on a non production machine. This testing just so happened to commence shortly before the ISPConfig3 RC2 release.

    As a result of all the changes, I am a little confused about the changes between the two versions and was looking for some clarification.

    First, I have read that ISPConfig3 will allow for virtual users in regards to email rather than the system user setup from ISPConfig2. This is appealing since my current production email server uses MySQL backed virtual users for all administration. Is is true that ISPConfig3 allows the use of virtual users? If so, is this the default behavior upon installation or does it have to be configured differently?

    ISPConfig2 allowed for creating Reseller clients. Upon investigating the new ISPConfig3 interface, I don't see anything labeled as Reseller. Is the Reseller concept gone from ISPConfig3 or has the client model been rewriting to accommodate it in a different manner?

    Are there or will be there be add on packages like there way in ISPConfig2? For example, there were add ons for phpmyadmin, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube. Right now, my system is missing phpmyadmin which I rely heavily upon. Can I install it normally using apt-get? If so, will it then be integrated with the ISPConfig3 interface?

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    It supports only virtual users.

    In ISPConfig 3 clients can have clients so thats identical to what resellkers are in ispconfig 2.

    There is a packege installer as well but there are no packages available yet.

    There s no need for packages for webmail or phpmyadmin for ispconfig 3 as the packages of the linux distribution are used. Take a look at the installation manuals, the packages are installed when you follow them.

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