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Discussion in 'General' started by fordwrench, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. fordwrench

    fordwrench New Member

    I am setting up a network at home for hosting a few sites I have.
    This is going to be an elaborate network for what I am doing.
    I need to know what is the right course of action for using ispconfig for this setup. Is Ispconfig needed for every server? It is not a problem to install and I already have my nameservers and www server setup.

    I have some old server hardware. Compaq proliant 1850r's.

    I have nameservers that I have setup with the Perfect Debian etch setup and ISPconfig.

    Server 1 nameserver
    Dual p2 450 Proliant 1850r with 3 9.1 gig drives raid5

    Server 2 nameserver
    Dual p2 450 Proliant 1850r with 3 9.1 gig drives raid5

    Server 3 server to host sites on
    Dual P3 600 Proliant 1850r with 2 36.4gig drive raid 0+1
    4 72gig drives raid5

    Server 4 mail server
    Dual P2 450 Proliant 1850r with 3 9.1 gig raid5

    I am registering at godaddy and using the Howto for setting up your own nameservers with godaddy...

    What is the next step for seeing my www server and mail server...
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    Yes. In the current version ISPConfig can control only one server.

    Create DNS records for www and mail. If they are of the same domain as ns1 and ns2, you need a glue record:
  3. fordwrench

    fordwrench New Member

    I am not hosting from the two name servers ..."ns1 and ns2"
    I am hosting from another server "www" and I assume this will be my mail server also.... Three physical machines... All with Debian 4.0 and ispconfig.
    I have read about the glue record but it is not sticking like glue...

    On my www server I set the nameservers as ns1 and ns2 ....and it will propogate? so that when I create a site on www server the ns1 and ns2 will direct requests automatically?

  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    This gets confusing. Can you explain with your real domain(s) what you're trying to do?
  5. fordwrench

    fordwrench New Member

    1st nameserver =
    2nd nameserver =
    hosting server =

    att dsl with 5 static ip addresses and registered with godaddy

    setup both nameservers with howtoforge instructions for godaddy

    all 3 machines have debian etch 4.0 and ispconfig setup per your instructions on

    www and mail for are on not resolving.

    Thanks for your help sofar...
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator

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