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  1. rajaking

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    i read the tutorial about the above topic and i find it is very interesting , but i hav a doubt it is about jaunty package ,since i am using 9.10 karmic kola any alterations required or not , becoz i am a newbie to ubuntu :confused:

    specifically in the step
    ... and enable the jaunty partner repository:
    Import the repository:

    since it is saying about jaunty partner shall i change ..........
    any changes in the step is required or not
    please help ....
  2. falko

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  3. rajaking

    rajaking New Member


    sorry for disturbing you with out searching for karmic cola edition any way thank you for your great tutorial and help it is very gud for anewbie to understand ,but u have doubt during the instalion of opera why we select jaunty package since there is karmic koala is available , please clarify me

    wishes all the best:D:D
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  4. falko

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    At the time I wrote the tutorial there was no Opera package for Karmic. Please install the one for Karmic.

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