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Discussion in 'General' started by edgar, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble testing my sites, the welcome page shows me nothing but what I've modified my site and also another difficulty is that I'm behind a NAT and shows me the page of the router because it on the same subnet so here I think the best option would be to do zones and acl, so I could test my sites from within my network, I noticed also that there are options acl notify and transfer on ispconfig interface, and I read that I should copy the bind* files from /conf to /custom-conf in order to make my modifications of bind-named,
    on the following links to see

    Is there any howto or some explanation of how ispconfig3 performs these operations, I mean if I place a copy of named.conf.local here how can interact with each ispconfig changes to zones that do, i mean INTERNAL, EXTERNAL, LOCAL views, any advice or help is welcome. Tenks all of you

    I have seen this tuto and is grate too:
    By the way does ispconfig3 make the reverse zones?
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    ok done

    Have done all that, finaly named start but, i relise that is not the problem, the problem is apache it showsme an error page if i look for some of the sites like
    eror 404 not faund in this server olso the first error on first site on same path
    localhost along shows the index page for the first site on the path I have seen on sitename.vhost that sor of error is from alias, I will try to put www on * on alias,.
    again any advice will be welcome thenks
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    zones and acl are gone

    just relice that my custom configurations on named.conf.local go away, like acl and internal external so if anyone coud help with an answer will save me a headake

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