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    Hello all. I have to build a samba and FTP server for my capstone project. Becuase of EFI, I have to start over with 7 weeks left. I was using webmin for easy console, but didnt really like it. So i was wondering if ISPConfig3 will support samba? I looked over the list of what it supports, didnt see it but wanted to ask incase I missed something. If not i'll stick with webmin for samba, but use this for FTP. im having big issues with FTP sadly lol

    Thanks for the help

    Edit: I just noticed that this does not yet support suse 12.3, will that be comming soon?
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  2. falko

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    You cannot manage Samba through ISPConfig.

    Chances are it works with 12.3 already, we just didn't have the time to test it. But OpenSUSE is not the recommended distro for ISPConfig. If I were you I wouldn't even consider using SUSE. Use Debian/Ubuntu instead.
  3. roe74979

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    thank you for your response.

    Sad news about samba, i'll have to stick to webmin for that.

    but, why would u suggest Ubuntu over openSuse? I've done some research on which would be best for my project, and haven't found an answer really.

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    Depends really just exactly what they are wanting you to do. If they are testing how well you can integrate services you should be looking at something like an LDAP server so you can easily combine your samba and ftp. Then again, if it's just a filesharing system, and if you are allowed to use 3rd party software then if I were you I would just grab FreeNAS - - and have one of the best free file sharing systems around thats supports anything.

    FreeNAS might be considered cheating as you'd have it all done in 10 minutes :)
  5. roe74979

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    well im also building a freenas server here at school so that the system can be integrated after I leave. But, for now.. my capstone is very simple.

    Samba: create a file that is shared between linxu/windows. and have permissions so that windows side can edit the file. that's it. All I had to do with this was give permissions for windows to change files before I had to restart.

    FTP: create a directory if the different IT classes offered that are taught by different teachers during different semesters. put a file in each directory and successfully and share it to a student. I made no progress on this before the restart because I had issues with suse getting ANY ftp software to work.

    I dunno if I could get it all done in 10 minutes with freenas, because its still foreign to me lol but as long as I get it done, then I get it done. and they are ok with however we get the capstone done.

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