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    I noticed that Fedora 9 gets released next week. Being a "bleeding edge" kind of guy, I want to upgrade my systems. Obviously this should be a no brainer on my Fedora 8 "Perfect Desktop" machine, but I am wondering what impacts it might have on my Fedora 8 "Perfect Server" machine. I have spent about a month getting the server to work great, and have set up a wiki, gallery and blog. I also use the same machine as a media server for all my other machines around the house. Should I just stick with Fedora 8 or is it pretty harmless to upgrade?

    Also, I have two kernel-dependent applications on the server that often cause issues with updates -- VirtualBox, which I have to update manually after each kernel update, and the Nvidia drivers, which can get messed up if I do a kernel upgrade before the related kmod package is available. Will these issues cause complications with an upgrade to Fedora 9?
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    Hi jkrell,

    if you only use the standard repositories + livna it should be no problem, but you should wait till the livna repository for Fedora 9 contains all the stuff that you integrated into Fedora 8. Of preference you should perform the upgrade with a Fedora 9 DVD (using Anaconda). By the way, you should install the packages yum-kernel-module, yum-fedorakmod and yum-skip-broken to prevent problems with kernel modules - so a new kernel will not be installed until the fitting kernel modules are available.

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    PS: The Fedora 9 release is delayed to the 13.05. ->

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