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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ke4peo, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. ke4peo

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    Greetings folks!

    I recently went through the perfect server tutorital for Debian 5 (lenny). Everything went fine. I can log into ISPConfig and see everything. But I'm having difficulty figuring out one thing.

    How do I create accounts for people who use my server? For instance, I host several text-based games and decided to try and setup ISPConfig so I can manage the server more efficiently. I tried adding a reseller, and adding a client, but here's the thing. When I do, I cannot log into the server using the username for the reseller or the client.

    I tried searching the forums, but can't seem to find the right keywords. Can anyone help me with figuring this out?
  2. till

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    You mix up server logins and ispconfig logins. Clients and resellers can log into ispconfig and not the server. If you need a Linux shell user, then create one oin the sites module for that client or reseller.

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