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  1. Domi

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    Hi guys, i have two questions... I have start my first post in the german forum, but i think nobody can help me :D

    First, i want to know if i can change the default value for the list limitation (see my attachment). Every time, i go to my websites, i see 15 entries and i must change the limit and now i hope someone can tell me how i could change (or fix) it?! :)

    The second wish is, if i create a new domain, the autoincremental value start with 1 (MySQL, dbispconfig.web_domain)... does exist a problem, if i set the start value for "domain_id" to 11, 101 or 1001? I know, someone wondering now why i whant to do that... i can not explain it exactly, but it is a thing like "Sheldon Cooper" (Big Bang Theory). If i have more than 100 Websites, i would start with 101 and more than thausend Websites, i would start with 1001 :D

    The reason why i would start with this number is the ftp or database prefix like 'web[DOMAINID]' and the order of database if i login to my system :)

    I hope i could explain my questions with my broken english and wish all a nice day.

    Greetings from Germany,

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  2. till

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    There is no option to change that, you would have to alter the source code.

    That's a mysql auto inc column. Alter the auto increment value of the domain_id column of the web_domain table with phpmyadmin.
  3. Domi

    Domi New Member

    Hi till, i have alter the auto increment value of the web_domain table and it works. Do you know if there might be problems with these change?

    And do you know (or can explain me) where i must change the source code to change the limitation? I'm not a professional in HTML or PHP, but to adapt it should be enough :)

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