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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Been Told, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Hi there. :)
    In the tutorial - in the beginning of it - it is said that the hostname used in the tutorial is server1.
    So I used it during the installation process and everything is working fine (with IPSconfig too). However, when I run one of my domains through a DNSStuff check, it gives me a warning, that the mailserver for has a non-existant answering which could cause problems with e-Mail delivery.

    I'm not sure if my description of the problem is exhaustive enough. So if it's not, please tell me what other information is needed.

    My setup would be:
    Server hostname:
    The domain name being checked by DNSStuff:

    As for nameservers I'm using the ones provided by my server provider and that works perfectly.
    I will probably want to create a primary nameserver with ISPconfig, but not just now.

    Also: When I try to create a site in ISPconfig with the domain (thinking that that will take care of the warning about a non-existant server), ISPconfig tells me, that a server with that address already exists. I did not creat it though.
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    Please create an A record for

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